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Sofia is situated in the western piece of the nation, on The Sofia Plain and on the lower inclines of Mount Vitosha. The city's normal height is 550 meters above ocean level, the atmosphere is direct and mainland, described by chilly winters and moderately cool summers. The normal temperature in January is 1 degree underneath zero Centigrade, and the normal July temperature is 20 degrees Centigrade
Sofia City

Bulgaria's pleasingly laid-back capital is regularly disregarded by guests making a beeline for the drift or the ski resorts, however they're missing something extraordinary. Sofia is no amazing city, yet it's a to a great extent present day, energetic city, with a disseminating of onion-domed chapels, Ottoman mosques and stiff-necked Red Army landmarks that loan a varied, fascinating feel. Late exhuming work did amid development of the city's metro divulged a fortune trove of Roman remnants from almost 2000 years prior, when the city was called 'Serdica'. Far from the structures and avenues, huge stops and manicured gardens offer an appreciated relief, and the ski inclines and climbing trails of powerful Mt Vitosha are only a short transport ride from the middle. Home to a large number of Bulgaria's finest exhibition halls, displays, eateries and clubs.

 Sofia- Bulgaria

The city is situated at a key intersection. The course from Western Europe to Istanbul goes through Sofia by means of Beograd and Skopje, at that point through Plovdiv to Turkey. Sofia likewise interfaces The Near East and The Middle East, lying between the banks of The Danube and the shores of The White Sea from one perspective, and between The Black Sea and The Adriatic on the other.

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  1. I been here, It's really nice place to visit, I enjoy so much a week stay in Sofia


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