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Neverlandtrip To Kampung Baru-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kampung Bharu was set up in 1899 and is the most settled neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur. Through a lot of KL has been modernized, Kampung Baru still keeps up a strong sentiment history, as saw through the various standard Malay wooden houses. Arranged off Jalan Razak, Kampung Baru is adequately open by taxi, or the Kampung Baru LRT Station  along the RapidKL Rail Kelana Jaya Line if you lean toward the get ready.
This is another foodie domain, in a way. On the off chance that you're scanning for neighborhood top decisions like nasi lemak antarabangsa (overall nasi lemak) or nasi ayam goreng (cooked chicken rice), by then this would be the ideal place. We furthermore recommend that you search for "Tapai" (a sweet developed rice dessert, every now and again wrapped in banana leaves), which is a standout amongst the most adored neighborhood cakes

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