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Prior to Nepal's development as a country in the last 50% of the eighteenth century, the assignment 'Nepal' was generally connected just to the Kathmandu Valley. In this manner up until the unification of the nation, Nepal's history is to a great extent the historical backdrop of the Kathmandu Valley. References to Nepal in celebrated Hindu legends, for example, the Mahabharata, Puranas and furthermore Buddhist and Jain sacred texts, build up the nation's relic as a free political and regional element. The Vamshavalis or narratives, the most established of which was composed amid the fourteenth century, are the main genuinely dependable reason for Nepal's old history. The Vamshavalis say the lead of a few traditions the Gopalas, the Abhiras and the Kiratas - over an extend of hundreds of years. Be that as it may, no surviving recorded proof has yet verified the administer of these amazing administrations.
The recorded history of Nepal starts with the Changu Narayan sanctuary engraving of King Manadeva I of the Lichavi tradition.

The historical backdrop of Nepal goes back to 11000 years. The current removal in the Kathmandu valley has discovered Neolithic devices. These devices were utilized at the approach of Neolithic time and a considerable lot of them go back to 9000 B.C. This tells about the pre-Aryan settlement in the then Nepal. These individuals were of Bhutanese-Mongoloid parentage. Nepal indeed gets specified in the Hindu epic of Ramayana. It is said that Janakpur, in the Tarai Nepal, has been the origin of Sita, the spouse of Rama. Nepal is specified as Kirat Pradesh in the epic Mahabharata that is said to be formed around 1000 B.C. This place has been said numerous a times in the epic. It is specified that the concerned ruler bolstered Kaurvas against the Pandavas in the fight. In the years around 500 B.C, Nepal had numerous little kingdoms and the most capable among them were Shakyas of Kapilvastu. It was in the place of one of the Shakya lords that Gautam Siddhartha was conceived. He got the name of Buddha when he was illuminated. In the later period Nepal fall under the govern of the Maurya. Ashoka discovers say in huge numbers of the stone decrees. In the post-Christ period, the Licchhavis of Bihar ruled Nepal. There are numerous authentic proclamations that extol the rule of Licchhavis.

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